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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Impact Coalition

Founded in 1991, IMPACT Coalition is a non-profit educational organization that mentors inner city kids in New York and all around the U.S. using debate training; to help them improve their career opportunities, become informed citizens, and potentially earn big college scholarships just for doing so.

Since 2008 alone, IMPACT has helped connect students to scholarship opportunities valued at over $5 million just for debating. More than 150 colleges offer debate scholarships. Universities use urban debaters to diversity their entering classes with promising students from neighborhoods they cannot access normally.

Since 1991, over 5000 participants have attended IMPACT events and been featured on MTV, NPR, 60 Minutes, U.S. News & World Report, The NY Times, The Washington Post, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and countless others. Their program reach extends from 5th grade students at Bronx Prep to 5th year college seniors. When given the opportunity, kids living in the inner city faced with enormous challenges can achieve their highest aspirations. Seeing is believing. Debate delivers dreams.

If interested in checking out IMPACT or getting involved with helping kids reach their dreams, please go to IMPACTCOALITION.ORG or any of their pages on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


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