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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Summer Science Program (SSP) -- Deadline: March 4, 2017

Each summer, academically-gifted high school students study mathematics, physics, astronomy, and programming at the Summer Science Program (SSP). The program is held at two locations: in Ojai, California (on the campus of Happy Valley School, a private boarding school), and Socorro, New Mexico (on the campus of New Mexico Tech), with 36 students and 8 staff at each campus.

Is SSP for You?
Are you currently a high school junior or very advanced sophomore, now taking calculus or planning to next fall? Will you be at least 15 years old, but not yet 18, this summer? If so, you're eligible to apply. (Note: the age limit for international students is 19.)

How To Apply

SSP's college-like experience starts with the application itself. In fact, applying to SSP is good practice for your college apps.

Applications open on Dec. 15. Visit then to complete our online form and start your application.

Apply Now!

Financial Aid FAQ    Admissions FAQ


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