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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity -- Summer Internship -- Apply Now

Apply Now to SEO

SEO recruiters are available to help you decide which internship will help launch your career. Details about each program and internship area can be found throughout the site. Click link below to retrieve information on Internships:

Which Internships

How SEO Determines Eligibility (click here for additional informaton)

Eligibility is based on graduation date not class standing or credits. (When in doubt consider the date after which you would be available to start a full-time job or law school.) SEO defines class years as follows:

■Freshmen - Will have two more summers in addition to the SEO Summer before graduating

■Sophomores - Will have one more summer in addition to the SEO Summer before graduating

■Juniors - Will graduate in the winter or spring after the SEO Summer (after one or two semesters)

■Seniors - Will graduate before the SEO Summer Begins

■Graduates - Already graduated

Rounds and Deadlines

***SEO has a rolling admission process. It is advantageous to apply as early as possible. We interview candidates based on the round in which they apply. Final deadlines vary by internship area, please check the table below carefully.

Apply Now!
 For questions about admissions to the San Francisco program, please email

Why Apply?


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