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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Selected as One of The 50 Best Blogs About Secondary Education

High school is tough for students, teachers, parents and administrators alike. Deciding whether or not to pursue tertiary education, navigating the complex milieu of peers and pop culture, coming to terms with personal identity and myriad other stresses pockmark this often emotionally tumultuous period. Teachers, parents and other high school administrators and staffers must take on a nurturing leadership role if they hope to best guide teens (troubled or otherwise) towards healthy decisions, habits and futures. The Internet certainly hosts its fair share of resources regarding the subject, and the following blogs feature a wide range of perspectives and insights as a reasonable enough start. Whether looking for technology integration advice or insights straight from high schoolers themselves, check them out and use them as resources towards facilitating a more educated, equitable future.


At 3:00 AM, Anonymous Kevin Paquet said...

Hi there,

I'm Georg Kevin A. Paquet ( from the Pinoy Teens Online ( blog. Your site was cited in a blog post as part of Top 50 Blogs in line with secondary education, one point that got me interested in your website.

We would like to create a partnership with your website.

Pinoy Teens is a mixed blog that talks about latest issues, provides lessons to High School Students and entertains with posts about the latest updates our readers desire to know about.

To-date we have had around 2.7 Million unique visitors since our inception as a blog in March 2008. We have Page Rank of 4, we're one of the more respected Teen Sites from the Philippines. We also hold a Alexa Rank of 315,000 as of this writing.

I wish to start by asking if you if it's possible that we trade links. I could add you up under our Youth / Teen Sites link category which will be visible all across the website.

Let me know what you think!

Hoping for a positive response from you,
Georg Kevin A. Paquet
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(I did not find any Contact Us link so I posted it as a comment)

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Stephanie Ellis said...

I love this blog!!! I would like to thank Ms. Callie Herd for creating this GREAT resource. I have found several resources for my son and we are applying for all opportunities available. Thanks Ms. Callie for all your hard work and research!!! It does take a COMMUNITY to help steer youth in the right direction!!!

At 4:01 PM, Blogger C. Herd said...

Stephanie, also take time to take the survey. The link is below:


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