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Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS)

VAVS founded in 1946 to provide for our nation's veterans while they are cared for by VA health care facilities. It is one of the largest centralized volunteer program in the Federal government with over 350 organizations support VAVS. Volunteers have provided over 676 million hours of service since 1946.

Community Assistance

Assist veteran patients by augmenting staff with end of life care programs, foster care, community-based volunteer programs, hospital wards, nursing homes, and veteran outreach centers.


Annual contributions over $50 million in gifts and donations and Volunteers contributed a more than 13 million hours of service to veterans in FY2005. VAVS volunteers are a priceless asset to America's veterans and to VA

How do I sign up to be a VAVS Volunteer?You have two convenient ways:

1) Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs facility nearest you. Ask for Voluntary Service. Tell their staff of your interest in becoming a VAVS Volunteer. The staff will take care of everything else including your interview, orientation, and assignment! Locate the VA facility is nearest you.

2) Or Volunteer NOW! Ffill out and submit the form. Someone from your local VAVS office will contact you with additional information.


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